Superintendent's Message

Well…..the school year is once again flying by at a rapid pace!  I always look forward to the months of November and December, as we host various events that showcase our students and their remarkable talents.   I invite you to attend one of the many events during the season and am confident that you will be proud of our students here at GP #6.  You can find a calendar of events on our webpage. 

I am extremely pleased to report that our students once again demonstrated excellence on the ISAT (state required assessment).  Grant Park Elementary/Middle School scored well above state averages in Reading, Math, and Science.  In fact, every grade level outperformed and District #6 is once again ranked as a “top tier” district due to our achievement levels.  Ms. Planeta, the teaching staff, and the student body are to be congratulated for demonstrating excellence in education and sustaining high achievement levels for the past three years. 

We also witnessed a great deal of success at Grant Park High School.  During the past two years, the administration and staff have put forth a great effort (and a laser-like focus) on preparing our students for their post-secondary plans, including college readiness.  This strategy has paid dividends, as the class of 2014’s final ACT composite was 22.2 (versus 20.7 state average).  This was one of, if not the highest, composite scores in the past fifteen years and is a direct result of our teaching staff, commitment from the student body, and leadership by Mr. Sanidas.   

Last, but certainly not least, November 15th marked “School Board Member Appreciation Day.”  On behalf of the students, staff, and administration of Grant Park #6, I would like to thank Mr. Dave Dickson, Mr. Tim Markland, Mr. Mardale Ekhoff, Mrs. Shari Ohm, Mr. Dale Hansen, Mr. Dave Wheeler, and Mr. Jerry Fick for serving on the Board of Education.   They are dedicated group of people who are committed to improving our school system.   

Dr. John Palan
Superintendent, Grant Park #6

John Palan