Student of the Month

Grant Park Elementary School held its first ever student of the month breakfast on Tuesday, November 30, 2010.  Each month students who exhibit a specified character value are nominated by their classroom teacher.  These students are positive leaders and set fine examples for other students at Grant Park Elementary School.  The following students have been selected for the months of September and October:

September:  Positive Attitued and Good Start to School Year

  • Mrs. Denny’s Class – Emma Zizic and Skyler Aldridge
  • Miss Siebert’s Class – Madison Franke and Brock Brown
  • Mrs. Olthoff’s Class – Brooke Reading and Owen Reynolds
  • Mrs. Graves’ Class – Zoe Gawlinski and Mason Wiater
  • Mrs. Wielgat’s Class – Kaelin Wilcox and Nolan Schneider
  • Mrs. Dumas’ Class – Laura Lopez and Billy Gladkowski
  • Mrs. Rademacher’s Class – Sophia West and Travis Fick
  • Mrs. Sluis’ Class – Rylee Panozzo and Cole Thompson
  • Mrs. Shront’s Class – Lauren Renzi and Jacob Douglas
  • Mrs. Johnson’s Class – Cassandra Gladkowski and Joseph Rosales
  • Mrs. Lawrence’s Class – Lydia Sellers and Will Schneider
  • Miss Christensen’s Class – Quinn Mattson and C.J. Rosas
  • Mrs. Carlson’s Class – Paige Severin and Nason Johnson

October:  Demonstration of Responsibility and Organization

  • Mrs. Denny’s Class – Sydney Curtis and Delaney Malkowski
  • Miss Siebert’s Class – Cherish Harris, Josephine Vercruysse, and Carter Coletti
  • Mrs. Olthoff’s Class – Dylan Marcotte and Tyler Hudson
  • Mrs. Wielgat’s Class – Gabrielle Jackson and Ryne Benca
  • Mrs. Graves’ Class – Caden Panozzo and Logan Mussman
  • Mrs. Rademacher’s Class – Kaiya Sellers and Ryan Dulin
  • Mrs. Dumas’ Class – Emily Kveck and Nick Rodriguez
  • Mrs. Sluis’ Class – Jordan Garbaciak and Joey Ringo
  • Mrs. Shront’s Class – Hadleigh Loitz and Matthew Wilcox
  • Mrs. Johnson’s Class – Caitlin Sellers and Jon Persson
  • Mrs. Lawrence’s Class – Katie Hamilton and Lane Thiesen
  • Miss Christensen’s Class – Bethany Junker and Alex Hamilton
  • Mrs. Carlson’s Class – Andrea Wilcox and David Wagner

On behalf of the faculty and staff we would like to thank you for attending today’s celebration.  Your support means the world to our students.