Student of the Month

We have now had our second and third breakfasts to recognize Grant Park Elementary School Students of the Month.  Each month students who exhibit a specified character value are nominated by their classroom teacher.  The following students have been selected for the months of November, December, January and February.

November:  Academic Excellence

  • Mrs. Denny’s Class – Allison Roberts and Bekah VanderMeulen
  • Ms. Siebert’s Class – Alexis Verhulst, Grace Fick and Ian Herz
  • Mrs. Olthoff’s Class – Owen Gribbins and Janie Rosales
  • Mrs. Graves’ Class – Wesley Schneider and Ayden Delaney
  • Mrs. Wielgat’s Class – Brooke Minnich and Tyler Smaga
  • Mrs. Rademacher’s Class – Micaelyn Benson and Troy Reynolds
  • Mrs. Dumas’ Class – Sydney Clark and Paige Sherwood
  • Mrs. Shronts’ Class – Christian Nietfeldt and Madison Meherg
  • Mrs. Sluis’ Class – Lauren McNally and Jimmy Pratl
  • Mrs. Lawrence’s Class – Kassidy Tierney and Nathan Williams
  • Mrs. Johnson’s Class – Jonathan Goldenstern and Alyssa Mort
  • Mrs. Carlson’s Class – Samantha English and Makenna Ekhoff
  • Ms. Christensen’s Class – Weston Lusinski and Hannah Jackson

December:  Caring Individual

  • Mrs. Denny’s Class – Hunter West and Kylie Toepfer
  • Ms. Siebert’s Class – John Kveck, Noelle Schmidt and Joshua Jackson
  • Mrs. Olthoff’s Class – Hannah Norgard, Molly Markland and Jasper Cansler
  • Mrs. Graves’ Class – Scotty Spangler and Alexis Thompson
  • Mrs. Wielgat’s Class – Amanda Williams and Ben Lade
  • Mrs. Rademacher’s Class – Madison West and Clayton McKinstry
  • Mrs. Dumas’ Class – Madison Seitz and Joshua Rosales
  • Mrs. Shronts’ Class – Libby Ilg, Trevor Bystrzycki and Hunter Schneider
  • Mrs. Sluis’ Class – Steven Severin and Madelyn Dickson
  • Mrs. Lawrence’s Class – Michaela Hackler and Caidi Olczak
  • Mrs. Johnson’s Class – Emma Damler and Nick Gliwa
  • Mrs. Carlson’s Class – Alexis Mazeika-Pahl and Joey Reichert
  • Ms. Christensen’s Class – Kaitlyn McMahan and Jackson West

January:  Most Improved

  • Mrs. Denny’s Class – Alex Piperas, Adeline Wackerlin, Noah Sluis and Alaina Ohm
  • Ms. Siebert’s Class – Mila Lade, Mikaela LoSchiavo, and Christian Stamp
  • Mrs. Olthoff’s Class – Josh Ruggiero and Kate Reichel
  • Mrs. Graves’ Class – Carter Gunderson and Haleigh Lusinski
  • Mrs. Wielgat’s Class – Isabelle Currier
  • Mrs. Rademacher’s Class – Alexus Vera and Ayden Nunley
  • Mrs. Dumas’ Class – Carter Williams, and Tommy Hearn
  • Mrs. Shront’s Class – Austin Charlier, Darren Wagner and Brianna Villarreal
  • Mrs. Sluis’ Class – Dakota Danielewicz and Dylan Reichert
  • Mrs. Lawrence’s Class – Maya Villarreal and Daniel Palan
  • Mrs. Johnson’s Class – Madison Byers and Shane Smith
  • Mrs. Carlson’s Class – Hailey Hubona, Alyssa Rodriguez and Corey Braddy
  • Ms. Christensen’s Class – James Ganser and Rachel Raines

February:  Diligent and Hard Working

  • Mrs. Denny’s Class – Jaylen Douglas, Luke Horn and Carter McDonald
  • Ms. Siebert’s Class – Kayden Vreeman, Julia VanKalker and Shelby McKinstry
  • Mrs. Olthoff’s Class – Rylan Heldt, Lucas Henchel, and Emma Horn
  • Mrs. Graves’ Class – Keaton Lacer and Grant Wheeler
  • Mrs. Wielgat’s Class – Westin Gunderson and Seth Hanes
  • Mrs. Rademacher’s Class – Elise Garcia and Daniel Gordon
  • Mrs. Dumas’ Class – Jessalyn Owens and Paul Nunley
  • Mrs. Shronts’ Class – Myranda Ekhoff and Luke Techau
  • Mrs. Sluis’ Class – Grace Gorman and Chanse VanDeursen
  • Mrs. Lawrence’s Class – Olivia Wheeler and Riley Gunderson
  • Mrs. Johnson’s Class – Hannah Kyllonen and Eliseo Sandoval
  • Mrs. Carlson’s Class – Olivia Garcia and Jacob Hathaway
  • Ms. Christensen’s Class – Jacob Jarski, Austin Jacobson and Austin Morse

On behalf of the faculty and staff we would like to thank you for attending the Student of the Month celebration.  Your support means the world to our students.