Student of the Month Celebration

On Thursday, June 2, 2011 the Elementary School had its final breakfast of the year to recognize Grant Park Elementary Students of the Month.  Once again each month students who exhibit a  specified character value are nominated by their classroom teacher.  The following students have been selected for the months of March, April and May.We have now had our second and third breakfasts to recognize Grant Park Elementary School Students of the Month. 

March:  Demonstration of Leadership

  • Mrs. Denny’s Class – Isacc Hamann, Elizabeth Voigt, and Ethan Schurman
  • Ms. Siebert’s Class – Emily Minyard, Daren Courtney and Edward Minnich
  • Mrs. Olthoff’s Class – Delaney Panozzo, Peyton Greenholt and Braeden Vincent
  • Mrs. Graves’ Class – Alison Damsch
  • Mrs. Wielgat’s Class – Sawyer Loitz
  • Mrs. Rademacher’s Class – Jaden Ewoldt
  • Mrs. Dumas’ Class – Braeden Waterman and Grace Raines
  • Mrs. Shronts’ Class – Brian Olthoff and Alex Rodriguez
  • Mrs. Sluis’ Class – Sydne Fritz and Austin Mussman
  • Mrs. Lawrence’s Class – Max Markland and Derek Dumas
  • Mrs. Johnson’s Class – Calvin Cook and Hailey Kyllonen
  • Mrs. Carlson’s Class – Erica Reyes and Alex Delaney
  • Ms. Christensen’s Class – Bekka Raines, Slava Matthias and Sam Anker

April:  Outgoing, Helpful and Friendly

  • Mrs. Denny’s Class – Tyler Mort, Zachary Gamble and Cade Lacer
  • Ms. Siebert’s Class – Ester Carrillo, Anna Hathaway and Macaden Ekhoff
  • Mrs. Olthoff’s Class – Alicia Hiland, Shelby Koeppen and Austin Langlois
  • Mrs. Graves’ Class – Hunter Romanowski and R.J. Pierce
  • Mrs. Wielgat’s – Addison Abraham and Aidan Kyllonen
  • Mrs. Rademacher’s Class – Nick Olczac and Kylie Lyons
  • Mrs. Dumas’ Class – Ethan Damler and Ashley Grimes
  • Mrs. Shronts’ Class – Stephanie Belcher, Andrew Fulk and Brandon Morse
  • Mrs. Sluis’ Class – Teagen Hawkins and Brandon Courtney
  • Mrs. Lawrence’s Class – David Palan, Jessica Eisenbart and Cheyene Garza
  • Mrs. Johnson’s Class – Lillian Segert, Katie Williams and Hayden Lehnert
  • Mrs. Carlson’s Class – Katie Schmidt, Daniel Chiattello and Kurt Reichel
  • Ms. Christensen’s Class – Travis Westfall, Jacob Surface and Joe Mueller

May:  Most Improved

  • Mrs. Denny’s Class – Alexis Wilcoxen and Hanna Sullenger
  • Ms. Siebert’s Class – Dylan Pahl and Emilio Sandoval
  • Mrs. Olthoff’s Class – Abby Muehe and Charlie Mattson
  • Mrs. Grave’s Class – Julian Gonzalez
  • Mrs. Wielgat’s Class – Ayden Aldridge
  • Mrs. Rademacher’s Class – Ian Reyes
  • Mrs. Dumas’ Class – Karl Reichel
  • Mrs. Shronts’ Class – Hannah Ciancanelli and Lorenzo Castillo
  • Mrs. Sluis’s Class – Gia Capuzzi, Matt Laurent and Donnie Judd
  • Mrs. Lawrence’s Class – Cheyenne Mosier and Sarah DeJonge
  • Mrs. Johnson’s Class – Tyler Illum, Allie DeJonge, Katheryn DeJonge and Zach Treacy
  • Mrs. Carlson’s Class – Tyler Minyard and Marissa Facko
  • Ms. Christensen’s Class – Jhaimi Gonzalez, Dustin Parmer and Makayla Seitz